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Book a fitting at any of our 40+ locations and meet our expert tailors. We have stores worldwide including in the Netherlands, Canada, USA, and South Korea. To see them all, check out our store locator.

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Book an on location fitting to have one of our travelling tailors come to your home or office. This service is only available for our customers in the Netherlands and selected areas of Canada at the moment.

Why should I book a fitting?
Not only is your fitting appointment important to find that impeccable fit that turns heads,but your personal advisor can also help you sort through all the custom options and offer tips and tricks to put together your perfect look. We promise you will leave happy.
Does a fitting/consultation cost anything?
No, there’s no cost! Our personal advisors will help you find the perfect fit and sort through all your options for free.
Do I need to prepare anything for my fitting?
Not really. You can explore and customize our collection of total looks and individual items online. Then create a free profile to save your favorites.But your personal advisor has the fabric swatches, expertise, and everything else you need to build a look from scratch right in the store.
How long does a fitting take?
If this is your first Atelier Munro fitting, expect the entire process to take about an hour.
Your personal advisor will help you create a personal fit profile that you can use to order new items in the future,meaning follow-up fittings (for a new type of garment, or to double-check your fit is still accurate) shouldn’t take more than 20-30 minutes.
What should I expect during my fitting?
Your personal advisor will help you find the try-on garments that best match your physique, and then measure each specific adjustment needed,making sure your final garments perfectly fit your form, and creating a fit profile you can use for future orders.They will then help you select and style the right fabric(s) for you as well as all the other design options – buttons, stitching, monograms, and more
When will I receive my garments?
Your items will be shipped to the store where you had your appointment within 30 days. The store will then get in touch to set up a time for you to come by for a final fitting,to make sure everything is exactly as you ordered and fits the way it should.